Via Livonica welcomes anyone, irrespective of their creed or spirituality, to follow the path of the spiritual and architectural heritage of Medieval Livonia.

Via Livonica’s main spiritual centres are Tartu’s Jaani Kirik (St John’s Church) and Rigas Doms (Riga’s Protestant Cathedral), both remarkable examples of medieval Red Brick Gothic architectural style typical of the eastern and southern coasts of the Baltic Sea.

Via Livonica runs from the northern coast of Medieval Livonia down through the villages of Old Believers and Vastseliina Castle, which historically has been one of the major North European pilgrim destinations. The story of the spiritual awakening of country-folk is told at the Bible Museum in Aluksne and 200 year old Herrnhut house of worship at Trapene. The ancient history of Livonia is exhibited in Turaida Castle-museum.